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RootX 2lbs FREE SHIPPING!!! Discounts Apply !
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Warning: This is a very powerful substance and directions should be followed closely. This 2lb jar is enough to treat a 4" residential sewer line up to 50' long. RootX foams up to cover the entire inside of the pipe so that the top of the pipe is not overlooked and the roots are completely removed. RootX is also helpful around the house and in the garden. It can also be used to keep grass from spreading into a garden or under a sidewalk or anywhere else it doesn't need to be. RootX is accepted by the EPA for use in sewer AND storm drains in all 50 states. Rootx kills roots that it comes in contact with at the time of treatment. When you apply Rootx it foams up to treat the whole inside of the pipe. 90% of the root growth is located in the top portion of the pipe where non foaming root treatments can't get to. After that the foaming action coats the inside of the pipe with a residue that will inhibit root growth by not allowing cell division for up to 12 months. Rootx also contains additive that naturally speed up the decomposition of the dead roots. Safe for your Trees and Shrubs, because Rootx only kills the roots it comes in contact with inside the pipe and keeps the root ends from multiplying for 12 months. The rest of your plantís root system outside the pipes are free to grow and support your valued landscaping. RootX is especially needed after you have had to have a professional drain cleaner come out to unstop your line and found roots to be the problem. When your drain cleaner has cut out the roots it is just like pruning branches on your bushes, it just helps to promote branching and thickening of the root system. Applying Rootx right away will keep that from occurring because the root ends can't divide and applying it every 12 months should keep you from ever having to get those roots cut out again!

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