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Welcome to RapidRooterNC.com.

This Company was founded in 1990, here in Charlotte, NC. In august of 2002 we decided to sell the plumbing profession's highest quality products online directly to consumers. So, now when we find products that are high enough quality we add them to our site.

In 1990 two employee's of a National Drain Cleaning Company located in Charlotte found they where unhappy with the way things where being done by orders of the Corporate office. One fellow had lots of experience with plumbing and administration from having his own plumbing company out west. The other was a top producer in the drain cleaning field, efficient and fast with an outstanding record of customer satisfaction and a special ability in sales. Aside from their personal disagreements with management they had some different ideas on how a service company should be run. One of the main problems they felt was with the way customers where being charged. Each service man would get a commission on each job, the more money he charged the more money he would make. That seams to be a good plan, except when the service man often decides it is easier and more cost effective for him to make the job he is on worth more. This saves him travel time, wait time (for his next job). How does he make the job worth more? He exaggerates the problems found and expands the job in to a much more costly project. Why would he be tempted to do that, overcharge the customer for work not needed? Well aside from not getting as much commission out of the job, he also had to pay for his own gas, truck, insurance, phone, and a liability insurance charged to him for each job!
When Rapid-Rooter Plumbing Service opened they eliminated all of that, the plumbers where paid by the hour depending on their ability, experience and performance. The trucks, gas radios and insurance are all covered by the company. We fell this is the best way to keep our men honest and our customers taken care of, instead of taken advantage of.
The two partners stared very small, with only 3 trucks, the wives handling the office work, and nephews doing the grunt work. but as thins progressed they added more truck, took a family loan and added a home made pressure cleaning truck, for large storm drains and manhole system cleaning. When they found their expertise in finding and fixing major water leaks quickly and reasonably hand won them a following with apartment complexes and had them renting a backhoe on a weekly instead of daily basis they added a Kabota backhoe & front end loader. In 1992 Rapid-Rooter Plumbing Service was incorporated.
Rapid-Rooter Plumbing Service only does repair and replacement plumbing, no new construction, something that a lot of the other companies where doing to make a fast buck with cheap labor, our plumbers where becoming highly skilled repair specialists. That may not sound impressive but it's a very challenging thing to walk into hundreds of different homes, apartments, and companies, built at different times with different codes and find out just how to solve their particular problem. With our skilled service men, business increased, by word of mouth mostly, over the years we went from a big 3/4 page add in the yellow pages to just a dollar bill size, but business still was increasing faster then we could get it done. As thins progressed the partners found they where going in different directions, the industrious drain cleaning partner easily got his Master Plumbing License with lots of on the job experience. About eight years into the companies growth the other partner decided he had, had enough of the fast pace and opted to be bought out so he could pursue his own ambitions in a smaller community.
The transition was a bit daunting but actually went rather smoothly with no interruption in business, we added a few new men and also, those nephews that helped us start out as shovel handlers progressed to the point of being expert in their fields. In fact, one bids and oversees most of the larger projects and is so adept at troubleshooting he is called on constantly by customers to solve their problems. While the other has specialized in excavating those huge leaks, getting them fixed fast and not having to ever go back because it didn't hold. We also have a daughter now running the office, she has been working here part time since she was 13, now she's 23 and working full time as our secretary, dispatcher and order take, accounts payable and receivable. She has a real grasp of what this company is about.
Recently we have expanded to offer quality products that we have been using for years, to the general public through the Internet. That has been an adventure, developing and implementing, advertising and revising. Getting the word out to the nation the Bio-Clean can revitalize their drain fields and septic system has been a monumental endeavor!! We hope people will let us know how these great products are working for them. While Rapid-Rooter Plumbing Service, Inc. has grown and changed over the years it still remains a family based business with concern for it's customers and it's employee's, we offer health insurance to all our full time employee's and a fund matching retirement plan after two years. It is our intention to offer good value to our customers, reasonable prices and excellent service and we feel by treating our employees fairly and justly that we inspire them and require them to do the same to our customers



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